Research & Development

Remarkable Design And Research, World-class Manufacturing Capability

We are a leading power bank technology company. Our factory provides strong support and high productivity. We have 16 surface mount production lines and huge investment in R & D, including more than 100 engineers and researchers dedicated to software and hardware. This is a very high productivity. We have obtained CE, UL and CQC certification and obtained many national patents. In addition, our company has passed ISO9001 verification. Our products has been sold to dozens of countries in the world and is the best-selling product in the market.

Remarkable Research and Development Capability(R&D)

R&D Site

The area of R&D Centre is around 3300㎡

R&D Team

The core team have 127 faculties, with 45 senior positions and Doctorates.

R&D Equipment

The value of all R&D equipment is $3.2 million

Technical Cooperation

Cooperation between BIKE, LISHEN, Texas Instrument, OPPO, etc.

R&D Fund

Total R&D fund from 2016-2018 is more than $14.5 million

R&D Cooperation

Lead the cooperation between associations and higher education institutions.

R&D Team Organization chart

Product Centre Product DEP A
Product DEP B
Information Centre  
Technology Centre Research DEP A
Research DEP B
Construction tech
Material tech
Project DEP
Design Centre  
Supply Centre S&D A
Cost Accounting
Quality Contro IQC
Quality Control
Manufacturing Centre Production DEP
Production & Project
Molding DEP

R&D Site

R&D Site (1)

R&D Centre

R&D Site (2)

Test Lab

R&D Site (3)

Audio analysis lab

R&D Site (4)

Battery test lab

R&D Equipment

3DPrinter (1)

3D Printer

3DPrinter (3)

Digital oscilloscope

3DPrinter (2)

Wire Test machine

3DPrinter (4)

Constant temperature humidity chamber

3DPrinter (6)

Angle tester

3DPrinter (5)

Abrasion machine

3DPrinter (9)

Microcomputer plug & pull tester

3DPrinter (8)

Tektronix oscilloscope

3DPrinter (7)

AP525audio analyzer

3DPrinter (12)

Crystal impedance instrument

3DPrinter (11)

Luminance colorimeter

3DPrinter (10)

High precision programmable DC power source