iPhone 14 entered the engineering verification test with the highest proportion of screens in five years

However, for the machine's constant appearance and some "conservative" hardware configuration for thousands of years, many users began to expect apple to bring greater changes to the new generation of iPhone, especially the upgrading of appearance and image.

According to the latest news, according to the supply chain survey, the iPhone 14 is currently in the evt (engineering verification) stage and has not been affected by the previous Shenzhen blockade. 9to5mac previously reported that the shutdown of Foxconn in Shenzhen due to the epidemic will not affect the production of iPhone, because it is not the main factory for Foxconn to produce iPhone chips.

Some time ago, the engineering design drawing of iPhone 14 was released. According to past experience, the accuracy of the information released from March to April each year is very high, so the general appearance of iPhone 14 is also relatively clear.

Basically consistent with the previously exposed news, the biggest change in the appearance of the new iPhone 14 Pro is that it will adopt the single hole + small pill combination scheme, which looks like an "exclamation mark".

At the same time, the opening size seems to be larger than previously disclosed. The pill shaped incision will accommodate at least the front camera and face ID infrared camera, while the round hole is prepared for the face ID dot matrix projector, which will also set the highest proportion of iPhone screen in five years. As for the back of the fuselage, the aircraft will provide four colors. In addition to the black, white and green that have been launched, there is also a similar purple copper color that is deeper than rose gold.

In addition, the analyst also shared some highlights about the upcoming iPhone 14. He said that despite the adoption of 4nm technology, the a16 chip for iPhone 14 pro and 14 Pro Max will have a larger bare chip size than A15.

According to the information so far, the upgrade of iPhone 14 is expected to be more obvious than that of the previous generation, with larger screen (entry-level model) and camera upgrade (48mp for Pro version). So the lens will be more protruding. Will it be heavier? To be honest, iPhone 13 is really heavy enough! In the past, titanium metal was used to replace the current stainless steel for the outgoing frame, which will reduce the weight. Will that offset the weight of the lens? Anyway, I don't accept a heavier phone than iPhone 13 

On the other hand, it is the most important price. It is expected that the starting price of iPhone 14 will be close to the starting price of iPhone 13.

A new report shows that the 2023 iPhone product line, the iPhone 15, may use the long rumored periscope design and 5x optical zoom.

Post time: Jun-03-2019